Thursday, April 29, 2010

The costliest gets more costlier - Just 2 days left.

Recently Yamaha India launched the limited edition(LE) of India's most technically advanced R15. The Limited edition costs Rs.1,11,835(Chennai) which is Rs.2000 costlier than other 4 colors. Today when we went to one of the showrooms in Chennai, the salesperson said
that the bike's cost is going to be added with Rs.2000, resulting in Rs.1,13,835 for the LE version and Rs.1,11,900 for the other four colors from 1st of may 2010.

Just two days left for the price increase. Bikers, if you are gonna buy the R15 or if you have planned to buy one then go to your nearest showroom and book one for Rs.1000.

Two thousand rupees might not seem a bigger amount when you place it with  Rs.1,11,835, but just convert it into petrol and you get more than 37 liters of petrol where you can fill your bike's tank thrice. So Bikers, If your are very sure that your are going to buy R15 then dont delay because the price hike is effect from May 1st 2010. Just 2 days...

If there is any change on the buzz we will keep you updated with the following post.