Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Hunt is getting delayed.

As most of you know that TVS is in the process of launching the big monster – RTR 200/220/250. So we were getting ready to hunt this big monster, but unfortunately the monster has not yet entered the automotive-jungle.

There is a buzz around the Indian auto blogosphere and the confirmation is on the weaker side of its capacity whether 200cc or 220cc or a 250cc. This machine is capable of reaching a top speed of 150Kmph against the 160kmph of the mighty Kawasaki Ninja 250R. This version of the tribe is said to have a full fairing and comes with oil-cooled engine. This monster was actually expected to enter the auto-jungle by the end of April 2010 which had not yet turn-up.

Mean while another animal from the cat family is about to come in a few days, which is none other than the butter smooth Unicorn under a new skin.

This machine is named as Honda Dazzler and it comes with the same 150cc engine with rear disk brake. At the Auto Expo 2010 this machine was showcased as "Unicorn Sports".Other details about the Unicorn sport or Dazzler are yet to be disclosed. We will hunt this one once it enters the jungle and will keep you updated about its specification.

Image source - ICB


  1. This unicorn sports also looks like a commuter vehicle. I mean no sporty seating posture.

  2. Yes, the unicorn are known for its comfort, handling and ride quality. The ergonomics remains unchanged as per the picture but lets see @ its launch.

  3. Hi Bike Hunter this is Suraj from Chennai. Recently I test drived the rtr180 the performance is good, looks great and the bike is a real value for money bike. But the vibrations give me a headache. Now I am planning to get the P220. When i enquired abt the RTR220 to the sales person, he said that the bike will be launched on this Dec or in the 1st quarter of 2011. Should I wait or should I go for P220. Please advice.

  4. Hi Suraj, P220 is also a great value for money bike. The launch date of the RTR220 is yet to be confirmed. Most of the times bike launch date are postponed and may even take more than 6 months to a year. You can put your hands on the P220 but be careful since there is only one probiking showroom in Chennai, check the bike thoroughly before confirming it. Why I am insisting on this because my brother bought a blue P220 six days back and before the registration he just went to the showroom to see he bike. The sales person accompanied my brother to the Garage and he was shocked to see his bike. The new P220 had a scratch on the tank and the right foot peg was broken. Anyway they changed the tank and foot peg at the time of delivery, but someone at the probiking showroom had used this bike in an improper manner. So take care and have a safe ride.

  5. Hi,

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  6. Thank you Tabrej, sure i will write reviews for your website. Will discuss regarding this in detail via mails. Catch you soon.