Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are you ready to own KTM 125cc bike for free of cost?

Yes Bikers! Bajaj needs your help in naming their India bound KTM bikes. We all know that Bajaj Auto Ltd had increased its stakes in the Austrian bike manufacturer KTM Power Sports AG. KTM-Bajaj has already started to work on the 125cc motorcycles, which could be launched in 2011.


To start off with KTM-Bajaj will launch its bike in the 125cc category. They are the KTM 125 Race Version and the KTM 125 Stunt Version. These 125cc smart cats will include features like liquid cooling, dual Roto disc brakes, mono-shock suspension and have an excellent build quality.
The pricing of these bikes are said to above 1 lakh rupees. Yes, they are costlier than Pulsar 220. But if you are a lucky biker, then you could ride one of these for free. All you have to do is, visit KTM’s page on Facebook and suggest an appropriate name for the bike and you could be another NEO(the one) to ride the bike for free of cost. 

Bikers what are you waiting for, throttle your brain and target this smart cat. It could be yours.

Image source - Hellforleathermagazine