Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No bigger Apaches in 2010

Apache RTR, RTR 180, 180cc
A while back we said that we are getting ready to hunt the Big monster Apache 200+cc. Like all motorcycle enthusiast, I was very eagerly waiting for the launch of Apache 200/250cc bike, but our friends at IndianMotosBlog who interviewed Mr. H.S Goindi (Head of Sales, Service and Marketing at TVS Motor Company) posted that
“Currently a bike with a displacement of up to 180cc makes good business sense for us and we do not have plans for any higher displacement bikes during this year. We will however, consider stepping into the higher displacement bikes segment, when we feel that the market is ready for such a product. - Mr. H.S Goindi”.

Not only me, but most of the bikers, users from various forums have posted saying that they wanted to own one, and everyone was very curious to see this Big  Apache. But unfortunately this news just broke many hearts. Some of them were even waiting for a long time to buy this big monster, who now just turned up to P220, Karry ZMA and RTR180. We hope that we can see a bigger engine next year at least from TVS.

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  1. TVS is leaving off the success Bandwagon. The later they release, the lower the sales.