Sunday, August 21, 2011

Honda CB Twister now in white

Many of you know about the most awarded motor cycle of the year CB-twister. Its looks good, rides well and delivers a mileage that races with the all time commuter legend Splendor (Currently known as Splendor Pro). Now this little head turner is available in White, which the Honda call it as "Pearl Sunbeam White".

This is just another colour option for white lovers. People started to like White after the launch of the most powerful monster TVS Apache RTR 180.  Later on other bikes like Activa, Karizma ZMR, Karizma ZMA include white under the shades. Suzuki's GS 150R will also have a white coloured bike in the near future.

The CB Twister in available in 3 options:
  1. CB TWISTER KICK DRUM ALLOY -  Rs. 51,079*
  2. CB TWISTER SELF DRUM ALLOY-    Rs. 54,146*  
  3. CB TWISTER SELF DISK ALLOY -   Rs. 57,480*  
All prices on-road Chennai
Note: Price may vary.

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  1. Honda Cb Twister has proved that commuters can't be stylish and has changed the image of entry level bikes. Honda Cb Twister commuter is the most stylish, facinating bike and is quite famous amonst indian.