Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2012 Bajaj pulsar spotted

2012 Bajaj Pulsar side view

Next generation pulsars are here. Some clever chaps have spotted India’s most awaited 2012 pulsar at Akurdi near Bajaj plant. As you can see in the above picture the bikes are tightly packed with Rexene. But it is easy to say that these are the upcoming pulsars from Bajaj with a KTM engine that will be showcased in the 2012 auto expo.

Few indications to confirms that this bike is a 2012 pulsar:
  1.  Rear LED tail light
  2.  Turn indicators borrowed from pulsar 135
  3. The same outdated rear view mirrors
  4.   Rear grab rails
  5.  Number plate holder again borrowed from Pulsar 135
  6.   The fuel tank borrowed from other pulsar series like 150 or 180 pulsar
  7.  Split seat
  8.  Real panel design

Implementation of KTMs
  • The same 125cc engine used in ktm Duke 125
  •  Pillion footrest
  •  Mono suspension
  •  Front disk brake
  • Front mudguard

All said, it is mixture of various forms of pulsars and Ktm. Let’s hope for the best.


  1. hello bikershunt, my name is varun, i would like to share some of my findings about engine,that pulsar & the baby ktms will & are only sharing the same engine platform and so it cannot be said that they are sharing the same whole unit with each other.bikerhunter,you yourself seem to have highlighted the engine part and @ the same time posted the pic of a baby duke right below and you have'nt able to pinpoint the difference that is visible on the cylinder head designs btwn the two....if you analyse closely on the cylinder head of the pulsar & ktm you can see that the pulsar's are having slightly different head design with what seems to be a spark plug despite having the same crank case design and also seem to have exhausTEC ( you can see the exhasTEC chamber shaped almost like the one on the p135 dtsi...)which the duke seem to lack and the most important one is that pulsars will be having a SOHC 4v engine and duke on the other hand is having a DOHC was mentioned by rajiv bajaj in an interview for a russian mag zarulem. SO NOW i hope you might know the fact that the two engines are different ones...and also one thing we dont know whether its a 125,135,150,180 or even a lets dont jump into wrong conclusions ok...keep up the good work dude...

  2. Hi Varun, I accept with your suggestion, will update regarding the engine when I get the confirmed specifications about the engine. Thanks.

  3. alright man...
    regards varun