Sunday, November 20, 2011

2012 Suzuki GS150R Launched "silently"

Yes, Suzuki motorcycles India have silently launched the facelifted Gs150R. This is only a makeover and all the technical aspect remains the same. Few months back the white coloured Gs150R was caught in a spyshot and all the autoblogspere including social networking sites were filled up with the pictures of 2012 Gs150R.

The looks of the bike is impressive, better than its competitors the Unicorn and the Unicorn Dazzler. The major upgrade has been done in the headlight which says “I am aggressive”.  As expected the white version has also been included in the colour shades. Other colours are Black, Black with Red and Black with Greenish blue.

Everything in this bike is good, the smooth ride, 6 speed gearbox, mileage, high raised fuel tank and many more. The only thing we hate is the traditional type of rear brake lever, which does not allows the rider to brake on broken roads or on speed-breakers. 

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